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Radio Roselle 1640 AM / WPWK636

In October of 2002, The Borough of Roselle purchased a community notification system. During a meeting, Councilman Joseph O'Halloran refered to the new system as Radio Roselle. The name stuck.

Roselle, like hundreds of other of communities across America operate it's own Emergency Advisory Radio Stations. These stations exist, not to entertain, but to inform local residents what to do during Amber alerts, school incidents, flash floods, industrial accidents, terror threats, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other types of emergencies.

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Radio Roselle 1640 AM

Radio Roselle

Radio Roselle
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Through radio (the spoken word), listeners can receive up-to-the-minute reports, alerts and instructions with the level of timeliness and detail that make these types of broadcasts invaluable, especially when disaster strikes.

The Office of Emergency Management has upgraded Radio Roselle to provide a re-broadcast of KWO-35, The NOAA weather radio station in New York city. This lets you tune in and make sure you can receive the station before there is an emergency

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